VivoPhoto_21In photography, the term “boudoir” is used to describe a specific style of photo, usually involving more intimate pictures of a woman but always classy. A way to reveal and then capture the feminine beauty that all women posses. The amount of revealing is up to you, anything that makes you feel beautiful and sexy. Wardrobe can consist of anything from your favorite dress to some new lingerie or simply draped in sheets. I encourage women of all ages, sizes and shapes to express themselves as the beautiful women you are. One of the great concepts of Boudoir Photographs is that each one rewrites the societal image of “beauty” and showcases what true beauty is all about.

What To Expect



We are available anytime to answer your questions via an in-person or over-the-phone consultation. Chatting ahead of time helps us get to know you, answers any of your questions about boudoir, and helps us make it a truly customized experience. Simply contact us to set up a time.


Right after you schedule a session, you will get an email from us that contains details on how to prepare for your session and what to bring.

IMG_2546 (1)Day Of The Session

Makeup and Hair

When you arrive at the studio, if you have chosen to add hair and makeup to your shoot, your professional stylist will be there ready to make you beautiful. The fee of $150 is paid directly to the stylist, and trust me, it’s worth every penny.

Game Plan

You’ll be invited to get comfortable and unpack in our hair makeup and dressing room. We will begin by scanning your wardrobe so we can begin styling the photo sets to match. nbsp;If you want some semi-nude “in the bed sheets” images, let me know so we can reserve some time at the end.

The Photo Shoot

We will start with the most comfortable items and simple poses and progress from there. Our sessions are two hours in length so be prepared to tighten your stomach, arch your back, and just have fun! I will take care of set design and guide you through posing — so don’t worry about that. We promise that you will love the experience!

Megan-4Image Selection

After the photo session is over your images will be edited/enhanced and ready to view two to three days later. Together we’ll pick your favorites and choose which product you would like to purchase. You may request additional hand retouching at this time.



These images are often delivered in the form of loose prints, retouched digital images, speciality items like a calendar, in a discrete album, or in a large published style book. They make perfect wedding, anniversary, holiday or birthday gifts, a photographic memento for those deployed overseas, or a keepsake for yourself. After your approval of the layout and design, your selected product will be retouched and in production for 1-3 weeks and then you’re welcome to pick it up or have it mailed to you.



Common Questions Answered

What is Boudoir?

Boudoir photography is sexy and sensual, glamorous and styled, flirty and fun. We work with “real women” (not models) so you’re in good company here. We will help style and guide you through poses easily and comfortably. We use expert makeup, posing, lighting, and retouching techniques. Not only is it the perfect gift for your guy or gal. But it’s just as much a gift for yourself. Our staff takes you through an indulgent experience, not to mention a daring adventure, to create beautiful soft and sensual images for you to keep forever.

How do I prepare for my boudoir or beauty session?

Please come with clean hair and a clean face free of makeup unless otherwise discussed. If you are booked for a boudoir session please don’t forget to shave, and wear loose clothing and undergarments so that they do not leave marks on your skin. It is imperative that you do not have elastic marks on your skin for the session.

What should I bring?

Bring several sets of outfits to choose from. It’s always better to bring more rather than not having enough. Bring a pair of shoes for each outfit; stunning heels can really make a shot great. Not to mention they give your legs a nice length and tighten everything up. More importantly, they just make you feel down right sexy. Don’t forget to complete the look with any jewelry and accessories that you may want to use.

Can I bring a friend?

If you have a friend that is doing a boudoir session as well and you would like to schedule your session the same day as theirs, then you most definitely can. If your friend is not planning on doing a session that day we highly recommend coming alone. You may think you would feel more comfortable with someone you know there with you, but it generally makes women more self-conscious knowing someone they know is watching. You will be able to let loose and feel freer if no one else is hanging around. However, if it is absolutely imperative that you bring a friend then please do. Your comfort is top priority and we would rather you be comfortable than overly nervous.

When can I expect my products?

We offer a variety of products, some of our products can take up to two months to come in, others only take as little as two weeks. If you are planning your session as a gift for someone, make sure to contact us at least three months prior to the date you need the product by to assure that you get your date booked and products delivered when necessary. We do offer rush orders for an additional charge, but prefer to have extra time just in case.

I really want to do a session, but I don’t think I’m in shape enough…

BIG MISCONCEPTION! Boudoir is not just for skinny women. It is for any woman of every size. All women are beautiful. nbsp;It is our job as photographers to maximize your greatest assets and minimize the things you’re self-conscious about. Curves are a beautiful thing and we love to photograph them. If you really feel the need to lose weight before your session, schedule it for a few months away and let it be your driving factor and sweetest treat for reaching your goal.

I have a few images I like I found online and in magazines, can I bring them so I can get a shot like them?

Most definitely, the best way to show us what style you would like to portray is to bring us sample images of what you have in mind. Though we will not replicate any images exactly, we will produce something unique to you in the same style. You can find images online through various search terms such as boudoir photography, burlesque photography, erotic photography, intimate photography, glamour, and artistic nudes. Be sure to bring any photos you have saved with you for your consultation appointment or email them before your session date so that we are prepared.

I want to do a boudoir session but I don’t want my photos posted online. Are my photos safe?

Yes, rest assured that your photos are completely safe. Every woman who you have seen on our website, blog, and anywhere else online or in print form has given us the honor of using their photos through a signed model release form. We will NEVER post ANY photos without signed permission. Many women find it a privilege to have their photos chosen to be displayed, but we certainly understand privacy concerns.

Can I post my photos online?

We gladly offer digital photos sized for the web with our logo on them. Copyright law states that the photos cannot be cropped or altered in any way. If you would like the photo cropped differently or changed in any way, please contact us and we will happily do it for you.

Who owns the copyrights to my photos? What does that mean?

Denise Viveiros and Paulo Viveiros, the photographers of VivoPhoto, own the copyrights to all the photographs taken during the session. This means that it is illegal to reproduce the photos in any way. That includes printing, posting online (without the VivoPhoto watermark), and/or selling the photos to others.

Do you provide lingerie or wardrobe for my session?

We do not provide you with lingerie for the session for hygienic reasons. We will have a few accessories and things to use, but please bring your own wardrobe.

Do I need to buy all new lingerie for my session?

You do not need to buy all new lingerie for your session. While it is exciting having new lingerie that makes you feel sensual and sexy, (especially if you’re presenting your album as a gift and your partner hasn’t seen the lingerie yet) just about anything can be made to look sexy for a boudoir session. You can use your partner’s clothing (favorite T-shirt, button down shirt, boxers, uniform, etc.) for a personal touch, a sports jersey, leather jacket, bed sheet, cocktail dress, or you can opt for wearing nothing at all. Be creative.

Do I have to be nude?

Boudoir sessions can be stunning when you’re wearing anything from dresses and lingerie to nothing at all. nbsp;You most certainly do not have to be nude for your session.nbsp; What you wear, or don’t wear, is entirely up to you and your comfort level. Your comfort is our top priority.

Is the photographer male or female?

Both! We, Denise Viveiros &  Paulo Viveiros, work as a team to create stunning images that reflect visions from a male perspective as well as a female perspective. This is especially important if the recipient of the photographs is a man. Our visions are uniquely different as are our styles of photography. We are very fortunate to be able provide a dynamic combination of styles and perspectives. We can both shot your session or shot your session individually whatever makes you feel more comfortable during your session.

Do you retouch skin?

Yes, we do retouch skin and temporary imperfections. If you have birthmarks, scars or permanent features that you would like removed please let us know.

Do you help with posing?

As boudoir photographers it is our job to find the most flattering poses for you. We will give you guidance throughout the photographic process and help you to look your absolute best! We will also coach you with facial expressions.

Can I bring music?

Of course, in fact we highly recommend that you bring a good play-list that gets you going. Music can really set the tone and get you in the mood. If you don’t have any music to bring, we have an ever expanding playlist for boudoir sessions.

Can I drink to relax before I come to my session?

We advise you to limit yourself to one drink only. One drink can work wonders to relax you, while more than one can hinder the process and lessen your awareness. Not to mention make you feel bloated, which is not good for a boudoir session. We do have a small selection of wine available for you to sip on while you’re getting pampered during hair and makeup.

I’m extremely nervous; can I take something for my nerves?

We highly advise against taking any sort of anxiety medication before your session, unless it is a medication that you take daily. Every client who comes to us for a boudoir session is nervous, it’s perfectly normal. We will help you to relax and feel comfortable during your session. We will offer you a glass of wine, good music and great conversation to loosen you up. It generally takes about 5 minutes into the session for you to not even realize you’re in your undies anymore.

Do you photograph same-sex couples?

Yes we do. We know that love has no boundaries and enjoy photographing all couples, no matter their sexual orientation..

Will you photograph a man?

Absolutely. Our site is geared towards women because boudoir photography is more popular among women, but we do not discriminate in any way. Couples are welcome as well.